What Are They?

In some of our articles, you may notice that we add purchase links at the bottom like many on AniTAY. If you click on them, they’ll take you to Amazon.com, where you can find the item for purchase.

Why do we do we include them?

We’re strong believers in supporting the English manga and light novel market, allowing for more great series to come over. Often times people ask us where they can pick up a volume - this is just us helping to direct you to the right place.

Do you get money from this?

We get an extremely small cut of any purchases made through the link, and appreciate greatly any support. This doesn’t end up coming up to much at all so it really isn’t a focus for us, we do this out of passion.

Why does it say that Gawker may a receive a commission?

We tried to take it out, but kinja formats it in anyways. Rest assured though, if you’re nice enough to buy through the link, it supports us rather than Gawker.


Does this affect how you review things?

Nope, not one bit. We put them below even our most negative reviews, and would never change how we write about a title based on these links. It’s more just a way for readers to toss a quarter our way if they are going to buy the volume anyways.

Is this allowed on Kinja?

Yes. Please see the following excerpt from Kinja’s Terms of Service:


You may see advertising in and around Kinja. In each of these cases, we aim to respect your copyright and privacy and ensure you have an uncluttered experience.

We will insert ads in and around the Kinja platform and content experience where it makes sense, however, we will not place any ads on your blog.

We will insert affiliate links into your content where it makes sense, however, if you insert your own affiliate codes then we won’t remove them. Your content may be used in ads with full credit and link back to you.