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Introducing Taykobon's New Rating System

At Taykobon, our primary goal is always to provide timely reviews of new manga and light novel releases for your reading pleasure. We continuously work to create the best experience for our readers, and so we strive to give our opinions in an open and clear format. Recently, we have felt that the current numerical scale is a bit restrictive, and after much discussion we have decided to move our reviews to a letter-grade system to better reflect our thoughts. All of our reviews from here on out will follow this new format. We will also be updating some of our more recent reviews to the new format, but will still provide the original scoring for those older posts.

Edit by Matt:

For ease of reference, here is the new scheme:

A : A great piece of work which the reviewer enjoyed greatly and can wholeheartedly recommend.

B : A good piece of work which the reviewer can recommend. It’s got some drawbacks but is worth reading, and will appeal to its intended audience.

C : The piece of work has some drawbacks, and those looking to read it should proceed with some caution. If you’re a fan of the genre or the series you may still enjoy it, but this piece of work doesn’t hold up particularly well in a number of areas.

D : This piece of work was bad, and readers should generally steer clear.

Each letter grade range will have “+” and “-” scores as well showing which end of the range it falls on. For example, a “B-” denotes that a work is still in the “B” range but is closer to falling into the “C range”.

We anticipate that the “average” book will fall into the B- range.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read our reviews so often, and look forward to our increased spring release coverage!


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